Ok so the other day I found out when I was having my Spinal Fusion surgery on July 31 or if someone calls and says they can’t make it to their surgery next week or something if they call cancel I will take their place so really I don’t know when I am going to have my surgery so for all I know is that I could have my surgery next week!!!. I am very nervous but I know that God is in control and I know that when I have surgery it might take a very long time to recover but I will do what ever it takes to recover of course u might see me walking with some kind of walker so I wont fall 😦 cant wait to get it over with but I don’t want it to happen if u know what I mean I want to get it over with but I don’t want to be in all that pain u know but I will be on meds to help the pain I don’t know I am just very nervous. oh and I got to eat at the tea room with my aunt D it was awesome!! 

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this past weekend!!! :)

this past weekend we had the ride ataxia in Dallas to raise money and awareness to find a cure for F.A. and all together we raised over 70,000 dollars but my team Natalie team hope riders raised over 6,000 dollars i got to ride my cat trike its a awesome bike look bellow this post



Let’s just say this is A awesome week :). you know last night the west came over?? well Brendan stayed the night and my sister stayed the night over there so it was like a trade-off :). well my mom and dad had to go to this thingy this morning I don’t know what it was. Me, Nathan, Naya, Brendan, stayed home when I woke up we watched “spider man” I love that movie!!!! and then the kids played “spider man” and they played on my iPad that “NFL rivals” football all boys love football am I right or wrong ? :).and then we watched sky-high I like that movie 🙂 and Brendan had to leave in the middle of the movie and we finished the movie and then we ate potato’s that my nana made for us yummy yum I love my nana :). and later we are going some of our friends house yay can’t wait 🙂

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Another good day!!

Today is such a GREAT day!!! This morning I woke up about 9:15 this morning and i got up brushed my teeth and changed clothes.  I skipped breakfast because i was going to eat lunch at 11:15 with one of my adult friends. It was so much fun! She said i should write a book about my life and tell how i live each day and how when God leads me to something i should follow him and i will be willing to do what ever he has planned for me 🙂 and by the way we went to eat at the tea room and o my goodness their food is the best!!! I had my usual, the chicken salad with some mexican soup yummy and some toasters o my they are so good and some spice tea and fruit yummy yum in my tummy it was so good!! Now if i could get the recipe for the spice tea but she will not give it to me. 🙂  She is one of my friends.  She is so sweet i had a wonderful afternoon with Miss. Genie i love her so much she is so sweet.

Then my mom picked me up from the tea room and we went to the skating rink in Athens. We got there and a lot of my friends were there. I got to sit in my wheelchair and let everybody push me around it was so much fun!! My friends all pushed me and then my brother Damian pushed me and this little  girl Grace was sitting in my lap. Damien lost his balance and he fell down!! Well we were right next to the wall on the skating rink and we were on our way to hitting the wall and then Damian grabbed us and we turned and missed the wall and i didn’t let him push me again LOL…….. A lot of friends pushed me while i was on the skating rink. It was very fun and i like having fun rolling around in my fancy wheelchair. When i got off of the skating rink i would get a drink and go hold a puppy! One of my friends had a puppy and it was so cute! I wish all dogs stayed puppy’s cause puppy’s are cute but when they get bigger they grow out of it 😦 and we left the skating rink 😦  

We went home and the West’s came over 🙂   I love it when they come over it is so fun. I love to play with Ella. 🙂   We watched “Mr. Poppers Penguin’s” I love that movie!! It is so cute and funny!! 

And did you know that for me my coffee is hot coco??? I do not like coffee so i had hot coco while everybody else was drinking coffee Lol…….  and then everyone left 😦 but i had so much fun today.

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My longest day ever……

I couldn’t write about this yesterday because we were so busy. Yesterday we got up at 7 in the morning and I stayed in my bed until 7:30 and that’s a long time for me. I was tired already. So, we got dressed and headed out to the busy day. We got some breakfast to start our day and then headed to the first doctor appointment. We thought we had 2 appointments in one building but we found out we went to the wrong building for my first appointment. But they worked us in for my Audiology appointment and they changed my other appointment. When we went into the hall the hall was decorated in sea themes. Then you stepped into the room but it was like walking into a safe at the bank. It was so quiet and we just aren’t used to quiet. lol   He did a test to see if I was hearing right and my hearing was PERFECT! For now. 🙂

After that we went to the second doctor appointment. Let’s just say it went well. After that we went to eat at PotBelly. My guess was it was going to be gross. I thought it was going to be a BBQ place since it was called Potbelly. You know…like a potbelly pig. 🙂  But it was actually pretty good and when we got there it was actually a sandwich place. We were pulling into the parking lot and CRASH. My mother ran into a car. And when my momma got out to talk to the man in the car he sounded very agitated at her. But then dad got there to meet us and it was actually a rental and the guy was fine. He had rental insurance.

After eating we went to my little sister Naomi’s well check up. We found out she was short. We didn’t know that. LOL JK We knew that. And she even admitted she was short. Dynamite comes in small packages!!! If you saw her playing her sports you couldn’t tell she was short.

We headed to Mesquite to go to Outback because I love Outback. And because they were supporting FARA and the Ride Ataxia. Last year they donated a lot of money to Ride Ataxia. It was a HUGE check….like literally it was HUGE.  And Kyle got to get it. When we got to Outback we were sitting in the car waiting for my daddy. And you could hear our bellies grumbling. So we went on in to get started on that Blooming Onion. And my mom and sisters only ate a tiny part and I ate the rest. lol  We met the manager and then we met the main manager. His name was Ozzy. He said he was at the Ride last year and was looking forward to this ride. AND SO AM I!! I won my trike last year and I’m going to try and ride the whole thing this time.

Then it was time to go to my sleep study. And they had to hook wires up to me and more wires and more wires. :/  Last week we went to the pulminologist. My scoliosis may be pushing on my lungs and making hard for me to breathe so that’s why I had to do the sleep study. I was scared to go in and do it but then when I went in I realized God leads and I follow. And if He leads me to it he leads me through it. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I thought I would be stuck in one place all the time but I actually could pick up the thing and walk around. If you have ever wore a heart monitor it is similar to thaT Except the box is bigger and there are lots more wires.  And it’s not embarrassing the only person seeing you is your mom or your dad and the doctor. I had my om take a picture and I wasn’t going to show anybody but now that it’s over I don’t care who sees it. So I’m going to post it here. 🙂  DON’T LAUGH!!!! Or if you do laugh just don’t tell me! lol Now, you know why it was my longest day ever.

I slept all night which is not usual for me. I usually have to get up to go the restroom but I didn’t last night. I think it was because everyone was praying for me. I slept like a baby. Momma says like a rock. We got up at 6:00 and you know where we stopped first to get my momma coffee to wake up.

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today was awsome

today was such a aw some day i went to the chiropractor and after that i wen to PT i missed Arron but it is fun when i do it with Gina and after that i went home and lay ed down to watch Santa clause 3 with my 2 little sisters and my little brother i lay ed down on my bed i was tie rd and after that i went to get a massage by my friend Brittney she is aw some i love her massages and after that went home and ate dinner and then went to game night at DQ it is so cool getting to see some friends at DQ every week!!