My Scoli surgery…

Ok so i know i have not written a blog lately but here is what has happened.
Many of you know that i have a rare disease called Friedreich's Ataxia that is a
neuromuscular disease which means that its only going to get worse. It affects
my balance and i have....well....had scoliosis and i also have a heart disease
called hypotrophic  cardiomyopathy.
The scoliosis made me lean to one side and because i had a very bad curve it was
a 64 degree curve they said i needed spinal fusion surgery. I have tried to
avoid it for so  long and i couldn’t avoid it any longer.  They scheduled it for
july 31  2010 but i would have to go in on july 30 to get settled in and then i
would have to go in to surgery @ 8:00 AM  on july31.
First they put iv’s in me about 5:30 am, then they gave me medicine to go  to
sleep and then i would not go to sleep so they  gave me a stronger medicine. My
parents prayed for me and i fell asleep right after that. They took me back and
when they put me on the operating table  i woke up and said ya’ll said i was
going to be asleep! why am i not asleep! They said to lay down and close my
eye’s so i did and i fell asleep.
The doctors took 2 metal rods and 13 screws and straightened my spine. They
placed 1 on each side of my spine and an then screwed them together and a’ll i
remember is waking up and it being so dark and screaming where’s my where’s my
mom??? I remember hearing a voice saying i am right here you are ok and the
first thing i noticed was that i could breath a lot better.
On the 2nd  day i had to get up and sit in a big chair and then on about the 5
day i got up and walked with a walker. In the hospital i had so much fun with my
siblings we played the wii together. 4 people playing the wii you can imagine
how that went LOL…….. and playing basketball. ok i beat the most athletic
person in our family Naomi and she plays basketball!! lol of course it was the
one where you stand in 1 spot and throw the basketball’s into a hoop. I also 
had a therapist named Hun she was very nice.
I left the hospital 12 days later and i came home walking with a walker Amanda
Dreama and Mike all came to the hospital to help us bring our stuff home because
I had so much stuff and then they came to the house and visited for a while.
Dreama and mike left and Amanda stayed. Then Luke and Katelynn came over and
stayed and Gina Trace and Faith and Grace Emory came. and visited and i got to
hold Emory she is so precious. And then everybody left they dropped mana off @ 
That Monday I went to Physical Therapy to get Evaluated so i could start doing
PT. Well i went to PT  on Tuesday and thee fun began for you that don’t know i
like to be sarcastic with Aaron which is my therapist he is so fun!! We do all
these laying down exercise’s an then we do the total gym and the nu step and the
pulley’s and throwing a big ball over my head. I have  to go to Physical Therapy
every singe day @ 2:00 and oh if your reading this Aaron John is still my
favorite therapist LOL.!.! And today i am walking without a walker 🙂 
I’ll write about the rest of my time home in the next post…..

15 thoughts on “My Scoli surgery…”

  1. You are an inspiration. I have a niece who was born with spina bifida and has been through a lot in her life so I know how hard and time consuming what you are going through is. You are a strong young woman and you will continue to make progress because not only are you strong in spirit but you have a loving and fun spark that will get you through anything life throws at you. You are in my prayers and keep the blogs coming so we can keep up with your progress…

  2. That made me smile Natalie! Im so glad that you are home and doing so well. Aaron is glad to have you back in therapy! 🙂

  3. Wow Nat! I didn’t know that about you not going to sleep. That’s pretty scary. I’m so glad you can breath better and are doing so well. Love you sweetie! Keep writing. I love reading your blog.

  4. Praying u Will continue to heal i had my spinalsurgery 1year ago doing good i get bad leg cramps at night hope u can make next girl party love ya be crazy. christy

  5. Natalie – Thank you for sharing with all of us your experience. I love your spirit and determination. Keep blogging and keep up all the hard work of physical therapy. We are cheering you on

  6. Did you know that I love you? Did you know that I think you are beautiful? You should have answered yes, to both questions because I tell you ALL the time! But I haven’t seen my beautiful girl lately. Why not? We need to fix that!

  7. It sounds like you are working so hard! My favorite part of this post is … “today i am walking without a walker” and then the big 🙂 at the end! We are proud of you Natalie! Hope to see you soon 🙂 🙂

  8. I love reading your posts! You are really moving along great. It is so exciting to see God’s work in anothers’ life. We are so proud you are doing great! We love you and will keep praying you continue to do better and they get that CURE soon! Steph

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