friday and sunday!!

Okay so friday was a party benefit for my family to raise money for my spinal fusion surgery scheduled for July 31 i am ready to get it over with but i am not looking forward to it. So anyway at the party on Friday at floors 4 U they did a raffle. they raffled off a area rug and a blender and coupon for one Free year at complete fitness and  iPad 3. Okay so I was drawing the name for the winner’s. Okay so i was drawing the first one the the name for the winner for the blender and guess who’s name i drew NOAH NEWMAN in case ya’ll don’t know he is my brother and then I drew the name for the coupon to complete fitness guess who’s  name i drawled this time NATHAN NEWMAN LOL……. he is my little brother so Noah has a blender and Nathan has a coupon for complete fitness. and then I drew for the area rug and i drew  someone that I don’t know so ya. And I drew for the iPad 3 and guess who got that i drew Britney Sanford and she announced that she had already told Abdel that if she  won the iPad 3 she would give it to guess who if you guess me Natalie Newman you are right I was so excited she gave me the iPad 3 that she won oh and by the way the food there was amazing. And then on Sunday at 5:30 PM we went to my Nana church and they had another party to help raise money for my surgery on July 31 it was so fun there was a lot of people there and they had a jump house 2 water slides and a dunking booth and diffrent kinds of games and there was a boy there that walked up and gave me all his birthday money it was like $250 his name was covy and he was 12 years old he was so sweet and i had to give a short speech and we ate hot dogs and my awesome cousin DJ sang Christian rap you should look him up on itunes search true disciple transformation and then the pastor preached for about 5 min and then brother steve announced that they raised $2,500 it was amazing and a huge blessing it was fun to well i guess ill talk to you later bye!!


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