An awesome day!

WOW!! Today was an awesome day!! First well last night I went house sitting with my aunt Delores and we stayed the night there with my aunt Delores. And this morning me and my aunt went and had breakfast and I got hash browns a omelet, a piece of bacon and toast. My aunt had 2 pancakes and bacon :). Then I went to miss Genie’s house and we tried to crack the recipe for spice tea at the tea room. We got pretty close but we didn’t crack it. 😦 all well we will keep trying to crack it LOL………. Then we went to the tea room and ate lunch.  yummy yum!! It was so good!! Thank u Genie and then we went and got some beads from the bead shop 🙂 to make a necklace.  I made and it is so cute! It’s a purple one I love it. Then Naomi and Mom went to soccer practice and I stayed here with Nathan and Naya and  we watched Jeremy Fink. It’s good. They got home and we ate dinner and watching a movie right now so I got to go!!

Bye thanks for reading my blog comment if u have time                                


7 thoughts on “An awesome day!”

  1. I love awesome days! I love you too and how much God is using you for HIS Vessel… Also, when you get nervous about the day of surgery it’s normal because I FREAK out too but I learned it is the Old devil making me do that because God is not the author of freaking out LOL.. He is the Author of Love, Peace, Strength and so much more. I am conitnuing in prayer everyday for you and HEY, GO HAVE ANOTHER AWESOME DAY.

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